Dr. Spot

IMG_9731 headshot white newDr. R. L. Spot is an Ivy League educated psychiatrist with 25 + (dog) years experience working directly with canines suffering from anxiety, unresolved anger, an insufferable desire to please and multiple other psychological issues, typically brought about by living with difficult owners. Dr. Spot’s treatments are nearly 100% effective and usually involve massive amounts of playtime…and making humans feel guilty.

Dr. Spot is known for his empathic approach to solving canine problems because he, too, has dealt with more than his share of difficult owners. Born on the streets to parents of indeterminate pedigree, he eventually found refuge in a shelter. Named “Barney” by the well-meaning staff, he was adopted almost immediately because he was so darn cute, and then returned just as quickly…usually citing “irreconcilable differences” with his adoptive owners. Dr. Spot put up with it all—from “helicopter” owners who wouldn’t let him make a single decision for himself, to the often absent, emotionally distant owners who never said he was  a “good boy” — not even once!

After nearly a decade in doggie therapy himself, Dr. Spot struck out on his own (well, sort of), eventually earning his undergraduate at Columbia for Canines and  medical degree at Yale Medical School  for Mutts. He has become one of the best known canine mental health professionals in the world and is a highly sought-after public speaker. The good doctor has dedicated his practice to helping all dogs live a life filled with joy and purpose—regardless of the owners they’re stuck with.

Dr. Spot hosts a weekly radio show on Sirius Canine FM, Thursday nights at 9:00 pm, EST (about the time all humans are snoring on the couch in front of  the TV), and is happy to answer your written questions on this blog or in his insanely popular newspaper column: Dealing With Difficult Dog Owners.