Client Testimonials


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It’s humbling to realize that I’ve touched the the lives of so many thousands of dogs around the world in such a profound way, and even more rewarding to know that I’ve helped them get the better of their dim-witted owners. Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials from my grateful clients — they love me, what can I say?



“Dr. Spot, thanks again for the ‘spot on’ advice (excuse the pun!) to just keep barking until my owner caves and gives me a treat—works every time!” Mugsy, Seattle, WA

“I’m so glad I took your class, ‘Confidence for Canines’, Dr. Spot! It’s helped me to appropriately assert myself when negotiating with my owners for extra play time and walks. Now I know why all of your classes sell out—I’m a convert!”    Ralph, Ridgeland, MA

“I’m forever indebted to you, Dr. Spot. I only had to urinate on my owner’s trouser legs three times before he got the message—no more baby talk in public! I’m finally getting the respect I deserve, just like you said.”     Charlie,  Austin, TX

“Dr. Spot, you’re a miracle worker! Recommending that I destroy my owner’s custom-designed couch pillows was the perfect way to get her attention— it’s been six months now, and she’s never left the house without taking me for a long walk first.  Thanks Doc!”     Callie Faye, Winter Garden, FL  

“Dr. Spot, when I first contacted you, my self-esteem was at an all time low. Thanks to just a few weeks of  combined play/cognative therapy sessions with you, I’ve realized how much smarter I am than my owners, and my confidence has soared. Boy has the dynamic changed at my house—guess who’s the pack leader now!                  P.S. Thanks for accepting tennis balls as payment…whew!”     Rover,  Ann Arbor, MI