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April 2017

Dog Much Happier Free of Gender Constraints

April 11, 2017

Dear Dr. Spot, I gave my owner the shock of her lifetime the other day when she found me in my human sister’s closet, trying on her clothes (and loving it!). I feel especially pretty wearing her “hair extensions” but that’s beside the point. I can’t figure out my owner’s obsession with doggie gender because I was born a male,  but she’s the one who had me “neutered” as a young pup. Now she’s gone off the deep end and…

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Even Difficult Owners #GetTough On Dog Fighting!

My assistant and I are taking a short detour from our usual advice column to add our voices to help end dog fighting—forever! The ASPCA’s annual National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is today, April 8, and the campaign continues through the end of April.…

April 8, 2017