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July 2016

#DifficultOwner Must Admit Dog Is A Klutz

July 26, 2016

Dear Dr. Spot, My owner, who’s in the throes of an extended mid-life crisis, has been trying for years now to train us both for these ridiculous, human/canine dance competitions. She’s spent a fortune on lessons and entrance fees, not to mention hours of practice, which I detest. All this time and money leads to nothing but getting booted in the preliminary round. We’re the laughing-stock of the dog dance competition world! What makes it worse is that she knew (or…

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Dog May Have To Share His Castle

Dear Dr. Spot, I can’t take any more changes in my life—I just can’t! My “Two Dads”, as they call themselves, and I have moved twice in as many years, and what with the new cleaning people, dog sitters, dog walkers and doggie day…

July 18, 2016

Canine Doesn’t Play Well With Others—Refuses To Apologize

Dear Dr. Spot, Ever since I can remember, I’ve disliked members of my own species, and most certainly don’t like any dogs getting too close to me or touching my “things”. I just want to hang out with my owner and play with him—he…

July 7, 2016