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June 2016

Talented Canine Actor Has Zero Interest In Directing

June 30, 2016

Dear Dr. Spot, I don’t know whether you’ve followed my career, but I have stage and screen credits and a multitude of awards that rival the biggest names in Hollywood. From my riveting, Tony award-winning presence in  O’Neil’s, “Long Dog’s Journey Into Night” to my starring role in last year’s Oscar nominated film, “The Big Short—Legged Canine”,  my acting career has spanned decades and captivated millions.  I’m king of the world right now, but to my owner, I’m nothing but…

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Gifted Dog Just Wants To Tango!

Dear Dr. Spot, My owner and I made one heck of a tango team for over a year…until he suddenly decided to quit, claiming he is just too tired to practice and travel to the competitions. And to tell you the truth, I can…

June 27, 2016

Affectionate Pooch Wants To Reciprocate Love!

Dear Dr. Spot, I am a very affectionate Chihuahua mix who loves to give my mom kisses on her face, but she does not appreciate them! She kisses my face dozens of times a day but when I try to give her a nice…

June 23, 2016

Canine Model Woefully Underpaid

Dear Dr. Spot, I can’t tell you how humiliated and angry I am! I recently found out that my male canine colleagues, who haven’t been in the dog modeling business nearly as long as I have, are making almost twice my pay scale. My…

June 19, 2016

Yorkie Demands Only The Best

Dear Dr. Spot, I don’t mean to seem, well, demanding, but given that I’m totally adorable and smart (My tricks on YouTube entertain millions!), I think I deserve the highest quality food and fashionable accessories. The problem is my cheapskate owner. I mean, this…

June 12, 2016